Who We Are


Wood Modification Technologies (WMT) has established in 2014 for the sole purpose of creating new innovative process technologies that provides durable fire protection solutions to wood and engineered wood products.

The dFx® Technology developed by WMT’s after 5 years of exhaustive testing and trialling has produced the FLAMEfixx dFx® range products including; decking, screening, now structural mgp10 sub-flooring (all sizes) which will be followed by weatherboards, glue laminated products and other engineered wood products.

The FLAMEfixx dFx® products incorporate both an impregnated flame retardant and an approved wood preservative (H3) in the treatment of radiata pine. The flame retardant used exceeds Bushfire Attack Level (BAL-29) requirements set out in Australian Standard (AS3959-2018).

The WMT’s dFx® technology was developed in Australasia specifically to meet Australian Standard (AS3959) for Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL-29, next BAL-40) and for use in North American forest-fires where the preliminary testing has proven successful with the final test results expected July-2020.

ITI is the major shareholder of WMT, and has been able to support, resource and provide the necessary supply channel to market throughout its Australian distribution network.